Paula Bradshaw

In Southern Illinois, a new voice has risen to represent the people. Paula Bradshaw is the Green Party candidate for the 12th Congressional District in Illinois and she is running on the platform of bringing power back to the people.

Paula Bradshaw for Green Party Congress

Who is Paula Bradshaw?

Living in Carbondale, Illinois, Paula Bradshaw is a nurse and mother of three. She comes from a politically active family as her husband Rich Whitney was the Green Party candidate for governor of Illinois in 2006 and 2010. In 2012, Paula’s daughter Jessica became the first Green Party candidate elected to the Carbondale City Council.

Her commitment to family comes first in life, but representing the Green Party and its values is very important to Paula who has run in 2012 and 2014 to be the representative of the 12th Congressional District in Illinois. In 2012, Paula garnered a 5.6% of the vote and is striving to overcome the heavy odds imposed by the Democratic and Republican parties along with the election laws of the state to be the voice of the people.

What is the Green Party?

The Green Party was founded on the principles of environmental protection and has expanded to include the protection of citizens from an overreaching government. With special interests having greater access to elected officials and policies that favor the rich, the Green Party stands united as one that is dedicated to everyone who wants to live the American dream.

By fighting for a fair shake, Green Party members like Paula Bradshaw are committed to helping the people of the 12th Congressional District and around the United States in getting their government back.

Why Paula is Running for Public Office?

Paula’s campaign is centered on the ideals of the Green Party that includes a New Deal platform designed to create millions of jobs which support families and transition the shaky economy into one that is stable and secure.

Her congressional run in 2014 highlighted many of the principles of the Green Party and focused in large part on government and environmental issues.

  • Genuine Representative Democracy
  • Stopping the Executive Branch that has become Too Powerful
  • Putting an End to Senseless Wards
  • Protect the Land, Air, and Water
  • Curtailing the Excesses of the Wealthy

Paula believes in standing up to the Washington establishment and restoring our sense of pride in effective, efficient government. By launching a Green New Deal that puts everyone to work in helping our country, Paula is dedicated to the belief that every American deserves a good life, responsive government, and serving the needs of all the people. She believes that government should not be in servitude to the 1 percent, but rather to all the people on an equal basis.

For those who believe in America having strong third party candidates like Paula Bradshaw to help keep the powers-in-be in check, a vote for her is a vote to protect your rights and way of life. This fall, be sure to cast your vote for the Green Party candidate that cares about you, Paula Bradshaw.

Paula Bradshaw on Health Insurance:

Different Types of InsuranceWhile the Democratic and Republican parties have made their views known on health insurance, the Green Party is a rising force that expanding its base and making itself known on many important issues such as insuring those who are in need of health coverage.

In Southern Illinois, Paula Bradshaw is running for the 12th Congressional seat and brings with her the views shared by many in the Green Party.

Paula Bradshaw on Environment and Jobs

Paula represents the views of the Green Party as her vision of the environment is based on creating an energy and transportation system that is free of carbons and nuclear materials. The use of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and similar resources will clean up the environment and provide plenty of energy for future generations.

Job creation is a very important part of Paula’s vision for America’s future. She is in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour and wants to provide all able-bodied Americans with the opportunity to be in the work force that helps rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. She is a vibrant backer of the Green Party New Deal platform that uses government support to hire millions of people to rebuild our transportation infrastructure.

Paula Bradshaw’s View on Health Coverage

When it comes to health coverage, Paula Bradshaw has been quite clear that Affordable Care Act is not working for America. Paula believes in replacing the current system with a Medicare-for-all or a single payer system which removes private insurance companies from the mix and replaces it with the federal government.

The effect will be to get rid of the different rules that each insurance company has when it comes to health care, simplify the system, and provide a clear, understandable, and affordable method for people to get the coverage that they need.

For the insurance industry in general, Paula believes in a thriving marketplace for auto, home, and life insurance should be present for those who desire having such coverage. This is why raising the minimum wage is so important as it will provide the opportunity that millions of Americans will use to improve their own lives.

It is raising the minimum wage that will actually push many people out of qualifying for Medicaid which is designed to assist those without enough money to have healthcare coverage. This is another reason why she favors getting rid of the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a single payer system. By taking Obamacare off the table, insurance companies will be regulated out of the healthcare marketplace and instead only the federal government will oversee the coverage.

In the end, the Green Party will make strides in gaining new seats in local races as well as being a growing presence in national elections. Paula Bradshaw offers a new and different take for her constituents in the Illinois 12th Congressional District as part of the Green Party movement that is expanding beyond environmental issues and bringing new ideas that replace much of what the current two-party system offers.